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Letters to the Editor

Orlando Sentinel

Not Worth Celebrating

BY Kenneth D. McClintock

October 29, 2002
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One point that was not emphasized in the recent coverage of Vieques is that, in spite of multiple lawsuits, hundreds of arrests and millions of dollars of public monies expended by the administration on the Vieques issue, Gov. Sila M. Calderon was not able to advance by one day the date the Jan. 31, 2000, Clinton/Rossello Accord (and subsequent congressional legislation) determined the Navy would cease exercises. Most of the $40 million guaranteed for Vieques by that accord has not been expended. There no longer is any guarantee that the eastern lands will be cleaned, much less turned over to the Puerto Rican government.

The Clinton/Rossello accord makes this denouement look like a raw deal not worth celebrating.

Kenneth D. McClintock

Senate Minority Leader


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