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Populist Public Sentiment: Bringing Down The Established Democratic-Capitalist Order

By Arturo J. Guzmán

October 6, 2002
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During the 90’s, the local implosion of obsolete public housing buildings were televised and publicly well-attended events appealing to common curiosity and to the dark sense of joy of destruction that secretly lurks in the human mind.

However, perhaps not everyone is aware that long before the explosive charges are detonated and we see the almost instantaneous implosion of the building, there have been weeks and months of preparation. The time is used in studying and identifying a building’s structural elements, which are those that support its mass and weight allowing it to stand, and weakening the structure to the point where only a minimal amount of explosive force is needed to bring it down. In essence the weakening and undermining of the structural elements, allows for the building’s own mass and weight to assist in the process of its own destruction.

Puerto Rico is being prepared for a similar implosion. Society’s equivalent structural elements are its values and its institutions, and ours are being similarly weakened and undermined so that our collective weight and mass will help bring down the established democratic-capitalist order-and forever the American flag.

Ever since Puerto Rico became an American colony in 1898 separatist forces have understood that the cause of independence, proven unpopular even under the regime of Spain, would be further away from attainment upon the introduction of a democratic system where the people would be guaranteed the opportunity to decide for themselves.

Separatists and separatism have been historically denied a victory by ballot, so as a result they have sporadically recurred to the bullet in countless acts of terrorism and violence, which proved counterproductive to their cause in a society already besieged by other types of violence and criminality.

As a remaining alternative strategy, the leadership of the separatist movement dominated since the 50’s by the socialists and communists, initiated a process by which they would weaken and undermine society’s structural elements so that the mass and weight of a people whose will and favor they had never possessed would assist in the destruction of their own society.

The landmark event that initiated this process was the murder of the terrorists at Cerro Maravilla. The incalculable value of this incident to the separatist-communist movement was not in the potential destruction of a mediocre broadcasting facility, nor in their gaining new "martyrs" to their cause, but in their manipulation of the incident to damage, soil, and undermine the local governmental institutions and as an added bonus, the image and credibility of the pro-statehood ideological movement.

Years later this continued strategy would be reinforced by the accidental death of David Sanes and the revival of the then-dormant issue of Vieques. This time, the possibility of targeting and weakening federal institutions has been exploited by the separatist-communist elements to a degree of success beyond the realm of even their wildest expectations.

As they have flagrantly admitted, future historians will recall Vieques as the sunset of the American military presence in Puerto Rico and as an irrevocable shift of majority public sentiment towards ignorant and ill-conceived nationalism. This is a perception perversely augmented, exaggerated, and intended to provoke the United States to act unexpectedly and unilaterally by granting the regime of independence that has been denied them by either the ballot or the bullet.

As I have noted in previous writings, the most formidable weapon brandished in this separatist war has been their almost absolute domain over mass communications and particularly over journalists in the written and electronic media who have served to portray people, events, and institutions according not to truth and accuracy, but to advance the separatist anti-American agenda. We are to the point where most news stories and newscasts in Puerto Rico could bear the infamous Hollywood disclaimer about "any similarities to actual events, or people are purely coincidental".

How deeply and how many of our institutions have been already weakened and undermined will be the subject of my next column. Until then be reminded of Nikita Khrushchev’s ominous threat: "We will bury you and you will provide the tools", and within the context of Khrushchev’s comrades now ruling the destiny of Puerto Rico we must begin to understand that in fact they will bury us if we and others continue providing them with the tools.

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