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by John A. Regis Jr

September 27, 2001
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News from around the world reveals more and more terrorist threats to populations around the world, mainly in the United States. This makes us even more convinced of the need of the Vieques, Puerto Rico military practice range for our national defense.

The increased evidence of terrorist plans, the attack on the New York Twin Towers and the Pentagon Building in Washington, D.C. made it very evident that we have little protection against possible terrorist attacks. Crashing an airplane into populated areas is only one way of making such an attack. Terrorist will be creative and will find many different ways of creating harm and injury.

Our only hope is to erase these terrorists from the face of this earth so they can do no harm. We must search anywhere and everywhere in the world they may be hiding.

Our Armed Forces must be highly trained to eliminate terrorism. Their bombs and actions will be successful if they have practiced and developed the skills to do their mission. Without the necessary readiness, these terrorists will continue the merciless acts we have recently experienced.

I pray that our leaders, including many who have visited Vieques recently, reconsider their views and allow for the continuous use of the practice range. Let our Arms Forces practice and train, and their chances of hitting their targets increases. Take away the ability to practice and we take away their ability to protect all of us.

Let the sound of practice bombs be the sound of our protection against such attacks as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Building. Let the sound of practice bombs be the comfort that our military is ready. Let the sound of practice bombs be the security that we will not hear the sound of real bombs used in demonic attacks by the wrong people. Let the sound of practice bombs be the symbol of peace for all.

John A. Regis Jr
Puerto Rico-USA Citizenship Foundation

September 27, 2001

San Juan, Puerto Rico


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