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Practice Makes Perfect

September 26, 2001
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The murders that took place at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania may actually prove the old adage that dark clouds do have a silver lining. Prior to this horrific event, our country was debating the military's use of a practice bombing range at Vieques Island in Puerto Rico . In the end, it was decided that this practice range would close and the military would have to find a new place to hone its skills.

Now, courtesy of Osama bin Laden, and his aide-de-camp government in Afghanistan, our problem may be solved. We can now turn Afghanistan into a bombing range and bin Laden into an endangered species not worthy of protection.

There is also a lesson for the Rev. Al Sharpton and his other meddling friends who protested at Vieques : If and when bombs drop as part of any military action, there is an excellent chance they will hit their target. The reason they will hit their target is that our pilots had a place to practice. Take away their ability to practice and we take away their ability to protect.

Peace comes at a price. We either pay a little to prepare, or pay dearly when we don't. We may want to remember that the next time some do-gooders want to close a practice range, shut down additional bases and reduce the size of the same military that protects our freedom.

Martin C. Premo


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